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Druh jedla: Druh prípravy: Kuchyňa:

Počet porcií: 6
Čas prípravy: 60 min
Predpríprava: 20 min
500g hladkej múky, 350g masla, 350g cukru, 350g zomletých mandlí,2 vajcia, 1žĺtok,škorica 100ML mlieka, zaváranina alebo iná plnka.


Múku, maslo, cukor, mandle, vajcia,škoricu a mlieko spracujeme na cesto a rozdelíme na dva diely. Jeden diel vyvaľkáme na hrúbku 15 mm a potrieme dobre rozmiešanou zaváraninovou alebo makovou, tvarohovou, orechovou alebo jablkovou plnkou.Z druhého dielu cesta urobíme mriežky, ktoré môžeme klásť kolmo alebo šikmo. Potrieme vajcom a upečieme.

Dodatok: Pečieme vo vyhriatej rúre cca 40 minút.
Vhodné pre:
detská oslava, narodeniny, meniny, rodinná oslava, pre všedné dni
Počet hlasov: 1
Váš hlas: Žiadne
Pridané Jozef Macoszek

Gorgeous fade over

Gorgeous fade over time;
Beauty with the passage of time will increase.
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When it comes to beauty, let a person naturally will think of "capacity of the appearance of an, drop-dead gorgeous". Actually, this is the inertia of people thinking.
Although, beautiful beauty can give a person feel cheerful and pleasing to the eye, can let a person cheerful. But, this kind of beauty is the surface, is short and is limited by time. Moreover, this kind of appearance, fragile beauty, is able to withstand the time, also can't afford to be battered by a storm of bumpy life, let alone the carve of waste time. So, appearance beauty can only say that is gorgeous, can't appellation beauty.
What kind of woman is a beautiful woman, the author thinks that the following ABCDEF, is a beautiful woman.
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A. First of all, be gentle like the woman is beautiful.
"Good if water, the world until soft." Although water supple, they can be constant dropping wears away a stone, the water is intangible, is tangible. Highest state of the nature of goodness is like water, be all things to injure fame and wealth. , with a woman like water, as soft, like the sun glows, softness and tenderness it props up a stretch of the sky; With exquisite emotion sow hope in life. With romantic feelings infection surroundings; With understanding smile warm family and friends; With calm and gentle heart to warm life. Women like water tender blossoms out the beautiful feelings.
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B. The simple woman is beautiful.
Go for looks simple and natural, hypocrisy and vulgar, reject the mind pure and clean heart empty, keep sincere and candid disposition. With sincerely treats people, true, true love, a touching. Not false, not handsomer fabrications. Sincere heart there won't be wet, sincere heart there won't be dull, sincere heart there will be no haze, sincere heart won't have regret, sincere heart there won't be jealous. Still waters run deep, even if some people say that a true woman is silly woman, but the foolish woman is beautiful. Because of the silly silly happiness, silly silly lovely.
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C. Elegant woman is beautiful.
, is a kind of taste, is the lasting appeal.
With the mature lasting appeal, sending out the unique charm, coming softly...
Free and easy and elegant, capable and mysterious, elegant, she came from the beautiful luster...
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D. Love reading of woman is beautiful.
"Knowledge change temperament." Love reading of woman, can make a good taste of life, few continuously to sigh melancholy or hopelessly lonely and melancholy, it is important to have a healthy body, calm state of mind. As long as the mood to stay young, for the time lost will be fearless. Reading is temperament, spirit is the source of eternal youth.
Love reading of woman, is a rich woman, inner is a wise woman!
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E. The tolerant magnanimous woman is beautiful.
Have a heart of tolerance, all rivers run into sea, tolerance, can let oneself happy life easy. Common heart is the beauty of wisdom of the woman, don't worry about little things, all things will not haggle over every ounce, open-minded and vigorous woman is beautiful.
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F. Independent woman is beautiful.
A woman, only self-improvement independently, can blossom their infinite elegant demeanour, sending out unique charm. An independent woman, not on the climbing vines, not drift with the current emotional slaves. But fight the sky of the eagle, not afraid of the sea billowing waves, not afraid of the mountains are high dangerous road. Self-confidence, self-reliance, with dedicated work of the heart, let glory, because of my work for I and wonderful. Persistent that loneliness, stick to the poor, writing the free and easy, enjoy the quiet, feeling the freedom, reveal the couse, alone to enjoy a person's happiness, this is the beauty of a woman.
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For more than a woman is a beautiful woman!
The emphasis here is on the beautiful, not gorgeous! Gorgeous will fade as time goes on, beautiful but with the passage of time will increase.
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Love, like hand of sand, grasp too tight will from the fingers loss; Love is like this water, instead of trying to salvage the feel unreal; The world of mortals like flowers in the mirror, a few flowers bloom is a piece of history. Want to a person, is to turn water into tears; Love a person, is to tear into blood; Hate a person, is to blood coagulation as beautiful roses. Forget a person, is tore open his chest, open the blood vessels, the rose flower a cut from the inside out, crush, crush, back into the blood and tears, into water. With days passing by, some wounds healed, some will never heal, spring rain, will still be issued a vast expanse of flowers, grass grow endless pale moss.
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Wind know a cloud of sadness, cloud know lonely, know the love of water, water knows the mind of a flower, flower know butterfly whistle, butterfly understand the gentleness of the wind. A person can love many times, can do not hurt? Heart can hurt many times, can do it? Youth do not understand love, so persistent pursuit and being chased. When older know what love is, but lose the freedom to love and be loved. Lost, just know to cherish; Miss, to know a rub shoulders, often is the life. But miss, is not the man who understand you, understand you, will always bless for you, silently waiting for you, for a lifetime.
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I know can meet but not, perhaps you are struggling to find a lifetime also can not find, a look back, you may inadvertently found so a person. He was so understand you, but you are so understand him, complete harmony, no crack, as if the general alone just for you.
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All the world's deepest feelings, from know. Decree by destiny to know each other, sincerely accompany, soul has the intersection. Understand, is the intersection of the mind, it is a kind of words; Speechless between two people, to know each other in each other, because to understand, let the heart close to the tender feelings have, heart. Understand, it is a kind of miss, let meet two people heart to cherish each other. Mature love the world, also need a kind of understand each other. People can't be together, the in the mind to understand, there is a kind of love is not see appearance, but deep in my mind; Lack of love, but love in the hearts. Know, silently accompany, no vows of eternal love, but also can accompany forever; There is a kind of know, even if the wordless, but always warm to tears. To know, is a kind of happiness. Silently accompany, become silent, quietly warmth, quietly shed tears. Person's life, is looking for a friend, a people who have the same soul. Mountain stream, a bosom friend. Soul intersection, close to the heart, feelings mutually department, convert to love. Invisible, scratching, but thick. Wordless, namely have empathy. No oath, don't promise, is accompanied by day by day, quietly together.
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The fate of life, is probably already doomed. White falls mei said: "all over the world meet, are reunited." Perhaps, each a world of mortals road, there is a person waiting for you, silently, with a lifetime of time, waiting for you, only to meet a beautiful. Such as full of peach blossom in the mountains, not early nor late, just met, a peach blossom face, suddenly frightened heart, bright eyes. Your eyes, your eyebrows, your dimples, your chin, and smile, a happy, deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart, for your dream soul around, and you with heart. Boundless and indistinct sea, there will always be so a person, slowly understand you, take you as friend, understand each other, understand each other, that is the world's most beautiful, even thousands of miles, the heart is tightly together, tianya zhichi.
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You have her dreams, she dreams of you, often in the dream together, the in the mind is full of happiness, bloomy spring. Even being alone, even if all people betrayed you, only you a person in the world, will not feel lonely and lonely. Because there is always a heart with you, one eyes silently staring at you, miss for you, bless for you, love you more than anything else. Like father, mother, like brother and sister, to know you more than love, than the lover know you more, than friends closer, with the mind more than relatives. You might say, this is the blue yan beauty, but a little vague, but more pure than worldly emotions. Such as jin yuelin and Lin huiyin, lifetime.
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If you well, is sunny. Wind and rain, he will hold an umbrella in your heart; The dark, he will point a light in your heart; Sorry, he will be much comfort you; Crying, he will give you a heart; When tired, he would put his shoulder. When he was in, you will feel warm, feel the deep love. In his absence, you will worry, worry about him: "what's wrong with this man? Will not have a thing?" Cross the road, you will give him a charge, "pay attention to safety! The day is cold, you will be told him "dress!" He also often told you, the same passion.
Know, like a fairy tale, pure, quiet, not to touch the world any dust. Maybe you think it is too beautiful, so don't feel real, even a little afraid, afraid of love is very shallow, happiness is very short, fear and regret having been injured. Put this belated, deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart, not with anyone, don't want anyone to know, only hide in the heart the most holy place, for fear that someone disturb it. In no one place, often secretly take out exclusive, feel two hearts blend of happiness and joy.
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